Engineered Stone Surface Fabrication and Installation

If you own a property, you may have heard of the benefits of employing engineered stone surfaces and other cladding, for both residential and commercial properties.  As recently as 2010, Consumer Reports demonstrates virtually no difference in performance between these types of surfaces and regular sealed granite. Below, we’re going to take a basic look at what engineered stone surfaces are, and how they are fabricated and installed by professional companies.

In general, these surfaces are created in slabs at a factory, which are then delivered to a fabricator.  This fabrication company is usually the contractor who deals with consumers; they come out, measure jobs, and then cut the slabs to fit your property. In many cases they also work as the physical installer.

Working with a company such as Caayu, who handles both the fabrication and installation is a great way to save money and ensure your project will be completed correctly.

Popular types of engineered stone surfaces include products like Neolith, a man-made technical porcelain surface material sintered in the same manner ceramics are, and Radianz, a quartz-based agglomerate produced by Samsung as an offshoot of their electronics operations.