The Most Experienced Fabricator of High-Tech Neolith

If you own a property and have had recent work done on either the interior or exterior, you may have learned about a new technical porcelain product called Neolith from your contractor, designer, architect or another building professional.
Intended as a high-tech replacement for natural stone slabs, Neolith represents an amazing step forward in terms of both interior and exterior finishing.  Caayu is the most experienced Neolith fabricator in New York and New Jersey, and is happy to share this list of benefits Neolith possesses for both residential and commercial applications:

  • Resistance & Durability – Neolith is an incredibly durable material compared to other surfaces. It is resistant to scratching, heat, and cold, making it one of the most durable materials for interior or exterior use available.
  • Weathering – It also resists sunlight and weathering, meaning that when used on an exterior, it will look great for years and years.
  • Solvent/Bleach/Acid Test – Neolith is impervious to solvents, bleach, and acids, meaning it will be impermeable to any and all cleaning agents you may choose to employ.
  • Thickness/Weight – Representing a major achievement in terms of efficiency and weight, Neolith provides superior strength than either granite or marble, with a thinner layer of material.

Ample interior and exterior applications include:

  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Fireplace mantles
  • Floor and wall cladding
  • Kitchen cabinets veneers
  • Exterior (facade) cladding
  • Furniture

If you intend on using engineered stone on your property on either the interior or exterior, you may find that Neolith provides a number of important advantages. Contact Caayu for further details.